Neighborhood 微型学校



  • 查塔努加

威尼斯赌博游戏手机版 is committed to creating partnerships with local churches to create Neighborhood 微型学校 in order to build a strong foundation for more 6th grade ready students in 查塔努加.

What are 微型学校?

  • Small Kindergarten-5th grade schools located in underserved neighborhoods.
  • A partnership with churches, using existing facilities, leveraging the backbone of 威尼斯赌博游戏手机版.
  • One class per grade with one master teacher 和 12 students per class.
  • Focused on fundamentals, especially reading 和 math.
  • Diverse population, both ethnically 和 socioeconomically.
  • All families are invested, some paying full tuition 和 others receiving partial scholarships.
  • Using existing wraparound care to serve whole families, working with social service agencies for sustainable neighborhood renewal.

Support Neighborhood 微型学校

To give a gift now, click the button below to be connected to the Community Foundation of Greater 查塔努加 网站. 请选择“Micro School Opportunity Fund" in the designation drop down.

You can also mail a check made payable to: The Community Foundation of Greater 查塔努加, 1400 Williams Street, 查塔努加, TN 37408. Please include Micro School Opportunity Fund in the memo line.

Thank you for your support!

Creating Partner Schools

威尼斯赌博游戏手机版 is committed to initiatives that provide platforms for our students, 教师, 和 staff to give back to 查塔努加. We view these service opportunities as integral to our mission. One such initiative is the creation of K-5 neighborhood micro schools located in underserved neighborhoods in the 查塔努加 area in partnership with local churches, using their existing facilities. 

Studies show that 3rd graders who are not proficient in reading are four times more likely to drop out of school before graduating. It is our hope that by educating more 6th grade ready students who will then matriculate to area middle schools, we will not only have a positive impact on other schools, but most significantly on the lives of these students 和, 通过扩展, their families 和 communities. 

国王学派, the flagship neighborhood micro school, opened in the fall of 2019 with one class of Kindergarteners 和 one class of 1st graders (12 max per grade) 和 two master teachers. The school is housed on the campus of Olivet Baptist Church. Funding for 国王学派 is through the “Micro School Opportunity Fund” at the Community Foundation of Greater 查塔努加 which awards student scholarships.
For more information about 国王学派 和 the micro school model, please view the brochure linked above. To learn more about giving to this initiative, contact John Stroud at